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“Emma! Come on. Classic game of Truth or Dare starting!” Louis announced, dragging you by your arm to a circle of couches surrounding a coffee table. You had been fortunate enough to have befriended the boys, along with many of the girls here to whom you had no acquaintance with. You had personally loved the game but some of the others seemed a bit more reluctant about it. You glanced over at Niall to whom you had had a crush on for a long time. You were afraid that making a move on him would ruin your friendship so you kept quiet. The rounds began.

“Truth or dare?” Louis asked for the fifth time. There had already been incidents of tackling and awkwardly intimate teasing. You had yet to be victimized thankfully. It was Niall’s turn now. You were eager to see how things were going to turn out as Louis had been making up every truth question and dare. He was looking at Niall with a certain glint in his eye; a mischievous one.

“Um,” Niall stuttered, his face turning red. “Dare.” Louis gave an evil grin as he spoke.

“I dare you to kiss the girl you fancy.”

“What? No!” Niall shouted, his face going the brightest shade of red you had ever seen.

“It’s a dare! You have to!” one of the girls laughed. She probably fancied Niall as well and hoped she would receive a kiss.

“How about everyone close their eyes and he’ll just give her a quick peck?” Liam suggested, trying to hurry the game along without controversy. Niall had reluctantly agreed to this. Louis stubbornly decided that he would be the one to keep his eyes open at the time. Everyone closed their eyes. You were really psyching yourself out at this point. You knew it wouldn’t be you, but you really hoped it would be. And oh how wonderful it would be if it were you! You heard the shuffling of his pants on as he walked around the table, the sound nearing you with every step. He made a full circle around the coffee table before deciding he would leave the circle.

“Oh come on Niall. Today would be nice,” Louis complained, tapping his foot.

“I don’t understand why we have to close our eyes,” Harry muttered, obviously just as fed up with Niall taking his time. You could probably imagine that most of the girls were bursting from their seats as well. Suddenly, there was a light peck on the back of your neck and you squeaked at the touch, your body jerking away from the small attack. Everyone’s eyes opened, including yours and they all turned to face Niall, who had frozen on the spot.

“Aw Emma and Niall!” another girl cooed. It was your turn to blush furiously.

“That was not the type of kiss I was talking about!” Louis cried.

“Fine,” Niall replied. He leaned in towards you from the back of the couch and gave you another quick peck. “Happy?” he asked Louis, making eye contact with the floor. Louis smiled smugly and sat down as you quietly replied to Niall.



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